Doka Coffee Estate – Costa Rica

As everyone is aware, Costa Rica is very well known for its coffee production, so while there I made a visit to the Doka Coffee Estate as part of a combo tour that also took me to see the Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens (if you’re interested, don’t forget to check out my posts on those two stops). Of the three, Doka was definitely my least favorite as it was the least interactive, but it was still fun to learn about the coffee production that takes place there and how coffee is cultivated and roasted to give the different flavors that coffee lovers enjoy (I don’t actually drink coffee, so perhaps that’s another reason why this was my least favorite of the three stops).

We spent the perfect amount of time at the estate as part of the combo tour and the traditional breakfast that they served us upon our arrival was quite tasty. Check out the video below to get a taste for what you’ll see if you visit:

La Paz Waterfall Gardens – Costa Rica

La Paz Waterfalls and Sanctuary is one of the more popular tourist activities in Costa Rica. The main attractions, of course, are the two waterfalls but you won’t get to them until you first make your way through the sanctuary exploring the flora and fauna of Costa Rica and the Costan Rican rainforest. You’ll see amazing greenery in addition to bird habitats where you can even hold a toucan on your arm, a butterfly house, reptile buildings, hummingbird clusters, jungle cats, monkeys and a host of other creatures. You can even take photos in a colorful ox cart.

Ox Cart Ride at La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica
Ox cart ride before getting to the waterfalls.
Butterfly House - La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Costa Rica
Making friends with a butterfly, unfortunately, not one of the pretty blue ones (see the video).









After you make friends with some animals, you’ll “hike” along a path to get to the waterfalls. I believe the waterfalls are between 35 and 37 meters each – definitely worth seeing and very pretty, but they’re certainly not the largest you’ll see in the world.

La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica






This video will take you through a mini tour of the sanctuary and waterfalls starting at the beginning of the tour and ending at the waterfalls, so be patient!

The visit to La Paz was part of a larger combo tour in Costa Rica on which we also visited the Doka Coffee Plantation and Poas Volcano so keep an eye out for those posts soon!

Spring Equinox Celebration at the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

About an hour outside of Mexico City sit the ruins of the ancient city of Teotihuacan and last month I visited to experience the Spring Equinox Celebration hosted there where people believe they can absorb the energy of the sun by wearing white and soaking up the rays while exploring the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon.

I won’t give you all of the details about Teotihuacan, as it’s easily Googleable, but you can watch my video of the Spring Equinox Celebration below.

In order to get from Mexico City to Teotihuacan you can go to Autobuses del Norte station on the Mexico City metro. When you come out of the metro you will see the bus station directly in front of you and you want to go all the way to the left of the station (gate 8) to purchase a bus ticket to Teotihuacan. Make sure you’re headed to the pyramids/ruins and not just to the town of Teotihuacan. The bus costs 40 pesos (less than $4 USD) and takes about an hour. From there you stand in line to buy your tickets to enter, which are 57 pesos each. Please note, if you have a video camera you have to pay extra to bring it in and you need to purchase the ticket at the same place that you purchase your entrance ticket, but nobody will tell you that until you walk all of the way to the next gate and you’ll be sent back. How much the video camera charge is depends on your camera’s model.

Once inside you’re basically free to explore on your own and you can exit and re-enter all day with your ticket so I recommend going out to the street vendors for lunch, drinks, and some jewelry. When you’re ready to head back to Mexico City just return to your entrance gate and you’ll see buses lined up to take you back.

It’s an incredibly easy day trip from Mexico City and well worth it. Just remember to bring your sunscreen!

And the Journey Begins!

So far in my life I’ve been lucky enough to visit dozens of places around the world – many numerous times – and I love to explore new countries and cities. That’s why I’ve decided to bite the bullet and leave my day job so that I can have the freedom (one of the greatest benefits of being an entrepreneur) to travel where and when I please.

While I’ve loved helping the small businesses of Washington, DC start and grow I can’t be tied down geographically anymore so I’m heading out. Because I think aspiring entrepreneurs might need to see a little taste of where their lives could take them, I’ll be sharing some of my travel adventures with you here.

First up this month: Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Greece and Turkey are new for me – so please share your suggestions for what to do and see in Istanbul, Izmir, Athens, and Olympia! I’ve been to Italy before, but I’m excited to explore it as a slightly older and wiser traveler!

I might not be online much while I’m off exploring, but I promise to post as soon as I’m back. Wish me luck!