Guest Post: How Your Small Business Can Benefit from the Unboxing Trend

It’s guest post week again. This time we’ll hear from Suzanne Vallance of Ferrari Packaging. Here she is 🙂


The rise of e-commerce has led to more packages being delivered than ever before. In 2015 it was predicted that the UK would be the most frequent online shoppers, with an average spend of £1,174 each. This is a stark comparison to the meager £1,023 Germany were predicted and the even more miniscule estimation of Sweden’s £588.

Today consumers are demanding far more from their e-commerce packaging and as much as we try to not judge books by their covers, unfortunately we do! Today the “cover” (or packaging) of an item can be just as important as the product itself. This is all thanks to the rise of the internet and our constant need to share images with our online friends. Just one video of “unboxing” can have up to 50,000 views on YouTube as people over the globe share the ceremony of opening a new item that’s been delivered.

Unboxing is the phenomenon of changing the necessity of packaging into branding opportunity – making the whole experience an emotional and memorable one and of course, sharable. One company who is taking over the unboxing trend is Trunk Club, their beautifully packaged items become part of the ordering experience, as opposed to just a protective layer.

So, could you apply these methods to your small business on a budget? The answer is yes.

How can my small business recreate this trend?

Small businesses don’t have the luxury of extravagant packaging, but this does not mean you can’t enhance your current strategy with a few personal tweaks to enhance your customer’s unboxing experience. Of course, each aspect must also be sure to protect the goods inside; luckily packaging products can be purchased in bulk at a low cost and used in a way that creates a bond between you and your customer. Customers who receive items that are packaged with care are more likely to become return customers, and tell their friends and family about their experience driving new sales.

Let’s take a look at some elements you may want to consider:

Bulk Cardboard Boxes are a Blank Canvas

Cardboard boxes are the ultimate black canvas for personalised design. Traditionally, packaging boxes are white or brown and are cheap when buying in bulk. Why not offer you customers the option of personalising the box with a message if they are buying a product as a gift – offering this option for free will offer an enhanced customer experience and will take you no time at all to action. Use stamps with ready-to-use messages on them and offer your customer a choice of note.

Use Tissue Paper that matches your Brand’s Identity

Why not choose some low-cost tissue paper that matches the colour of your logo? This will reinforce your brand with your customer and adds a second dimension to the unboxing experience. Adding tissue paper for packing will make opening the parcel more like a present than an e-commerce delivery and will heighten the emotional connection your customer holds with the brand. Remember to consider the colours carefully; did you know many people see orange as a cheap colour? This could backfire on your brand if you wrap using this colour.

Custom Note 


Customers love personal touches and feel connected to the brand. This thoughtful gesture costs almost nothing at all and makes the customer feel completely valued. Small businesses can use this to their advantage as they build their customer base as large corporations simply can’t manage to personalize all their sales. This is a low-scale version (yet highly effective) of the Coca-Cola’s “share a coke” campaign where the brand in 2011 the brand printed 250 of the world’s most popular names on Coca-Cola bottles. The public went wild and loved seeing the brand connect with their names, since then more than 658,000 photos have been shared using the #ShareaCoke hashtag on Instagram alone.


Photography Packaging

What could be a better bed for your hand-written note to nestle in than some luxurious filling material? This doesn’t only look fantastic but acts as a great cushioning product from the shocks and vibrations of transit. Packaging can be both functional and fashionable. Materials such as crinkled paper and excelsior are wonderful alternatives to traditional fillers. If your company has a sustainable slant, you should let your customers know this by offering biodegradable loose fill packaging. Nine out of ten millenials would switch brands to one who promoted a good cause, so always let the consumer know about the steps you make to reduce your environmental impact of your packaging.

Unboxing is the future of packaging trends, in fact in a recent survey from Dotcom Distribution they found that 52% consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online store that offers superior packaging. With figures like these there and easy to adopt low cost options, creating emotional unboxing experiences shouldn’t just be left to the industry giants.


suzannevallanceThis article was written by branding and packaging writer Suzanne Vallance, from Glasgow, Scotland. She now works for and uses her knowledge to help small businesses to success through low-cost packaging options.