Baldi Hot Springs (Arenal Volcano) – Costa Rica

One of the many popular activities in Costa Rica is a trip to one of the hot springs resorts near the Arenal Volcano. After ziplining (which talked about last week) my tour continued on to give me a quick peak at the Arenal Volcano and then gave us some time to enjoy the Baldi Hot Springs Resort.

To be completely honest, this wasn’t my cup of tea. While the resort was very pretty, it’s a resort. It consists of a series of pools and swim-up bars sprawled out in the midst of lush tropical greenery and you have the freedom to wander and enjoy the various hot spring pools. However, because it’s a resort there is really no indication that these pools are heated by the nearby volcano and could just as easily have been heated with a standard heater. Additionally, it’s already quite warm in this area of Costa Rica so there wasn’t any pressing need to jump into 104 degree water as it was 90 degrees outside.

With that said, the buffet dinner we received was quite good – especially the design your own pasta dish station – and if you’re interested in a lazy relaxing day where you do nothing but chill out and enjoy a cocktail, this is a great place to do it. I just prefer a little more excitement, I suppose.

For those of you who like the idea of doing nothing, the video below will give you a quick view of Arenal Volcano and then a look at the Baldi Resort: