Chile’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Events in Santiago

Usually, Startup Nomad is interviews and country overviews, however, while I was in Chile, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a few really cool events that allowed me in with my camera! I don’t usually get to film the events I attend so I was psyched and wanted to share with you.

The three videos below are of Cumpre Emprendedores (Entrepreurs Summit), which was hosted by the Chilean government’s entrepreneurship promotion organization and featured Chile’s president as the keynote speaker; a Startup Chile investors event where 3 international investors gave mini-talks to the audience about the investing landscape and what they look for in companies they’d consider investing in; and the Startup Chile Demo Day, which included pitches from current Startup Chile participants who are fundraising and talks from investors and successful entrepreneurs.

Cumbre Emprendedores:

Startup Chile Investors Event:

Startup Chile Demo Day: