The Importance of Accepting “Good Enough” Over Perfection for Entrepreneurs

Most of us were not raised to strive for good enough and one of the biggest challenges that many successful people transitioning into entrepreneurship face is getting over their deeply ingrained perfectionism. Though you wouldn’t know it based on some of the low quality videos I have on my YouTube channel and the constantly changing, but never really that awesome, design of my website – I suffer from perfectionism as well. I basically cringe with every new post I make.

However, I make myself push forward anyway because, in the entrepreneurship world, perfectionism can be the enemy of success because perfection is unachievable. Imagine if Windows never released a product until all of the annoying bugs were out – many of us wouldn’t have a word processor or spreadsheet or powerpoint; or if athletes didn’t compete until they never made a mistake – so much for professional sports. There is a famous quote from Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin where he says: “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” (Click here to tweet this quote.)

Now, I’m not arguing that you should just release crap into the world, you do have to be mindful of your company’s reputation. However, it is often better to release something that is “good enough” and then constantly improve it, than to never release anything at all because you’re never quite happy with the product.

So how do you tell what counts as good enough? Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does this version solve the problem that I set out to solve?

  • Are the things that aren’t perfect fundamental to the product or are they extras or aesthetics?

  • If it weren’t my product, would I be as critical as I am of it now or would I use it and love it and just hope for a few tweeks in the next update?

  • Can I build a user base with the current version or not?

You get the point so I won’t go on.

If you’re just starting out building your business – and don’t have some odd personality defect where you think everything you touch is gold – you’re more than likely going to feel a bit of embarrassment as you begin to put your products or services and yourself out there. Push through it, because if you want success you can’t wait for perfection. (Click here to tweet this quote).


Okay, enough of me, please leave a comment below letting me know about your struggles with perfectionism as it applies to entrepreneurship and what tricks you use to help overcome it.

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