The 5 Cs of Business Credit

It’s very likely that at some point along any entrepreneur’s business building journey they’ll be interested in getting a loan or line of credit from the bank to help them manage and/or grow their business. It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand what bankers will look at and evaluate before the time comes when they actually need the money. This week’s video explains the 5 Cs of business credit so that you can get your financial ducks in a row now and have a much better chance of getting approved for a loan in the future.


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Small Business Loan Tips from Joaquin Gallardo of Wells Fargo

This week’s New Venture Mentor video is a bit different from what I usually do and I hope you all like it! Instead of listening to me blabber on and on this week, you get to hear from an expert I brought in to talk a bit about what bankers look for in a candidate for a small business loan.

I get lots of questions on this topic so I thought it would be best to hear some advice straight from the horse’s mouth. That’s where Joaquin comes in. Joaquin Gallardo is a business relationship manager with Wells Fargo Bank in the DC metro market.  He manages business accounts ranging from startups to companies over $50 million in annual revenue, which includes managing their lending requirements.  He’s been serving the business banking segment for the past 6 years with the most recent 2 at Wells Fargo.  He currently serves on the George Mason University School of Management Alumni Board of Directors and is a founding member of the George Mason Business Roundtable.

See what advice he has to offer entrepreneurs in the video below:


Want to find out more about Joaquin or get in touch? You can find him here.