Sillustani Funeral Towers, Peru

As I mentioned in previous posts, when I visited Peru I took a little vacation from the entrepreneurship world and visited Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. I booked through a tour group that arranged everything for me and it included visits to some other, lesser known sites to break up the travel time between the big attractions.

On my way from Puno, where I visited Lake Titicaca, to the airport in Juliaca where I would catch my flight back to Lima at the end of my vacation, we stopped at the ruins of the Sillustani Funeral Towers. Situated at the edge of a lake this archaeological site is home to dozens of funeral towers, which, I can only assume, hold hundreds or possibly thousands of skeletons.

While Sillustani was far from the most exciting tourist attraction I’ve ever visited, I still wanted to share what I saw there in case any of you would like to break up your journey between the Juliaca airport and Lake Titicaca like I did. This week’s video is short, but you’ll get a very good idea of what you will see if you visit Sillustani.