Would You Like to Write for www.CateCosta.com?

We’re currently looking for guest contributors for www.CateCosta.com. If you have expertise and would like to share an article about a topic relevant to new entrepreneurs that would help them plan, launch, or grow their new businesses, please drop us a line. Send an email to info (at) thevccgroup (dot) com with the subject line: “Guest Post Pitch” and tell us:

  • A bit about yourself and why you’re qualified to contribute
  • What you would like to write about
  • Where you’re active on social media and what your follower base is

If the topic suggestion you make is a good fit for the site, we’ll publish your article and promote it through our social media channels. All published articles will include a brief bio of the author and links to the author’s website and/or social media. We look forward to hearing from you!

2 Replies to “Would You Like to Write for www.CateCosta.com?”

  1. Hi Cate,

    You are doing wonderfully. Wow in Mexico!! I would like to write on stress management for business owners.
    I would enjoy giving tips on mindfulness practice and prioritizing goals.
    Stress can zap our energy and affect us in negative ways.


    Be well.

    1. Hi Julieta: Great to hear from you! If you’d like to write, shoot me a Facebook message or an email. It would be awesome to have you contribute!

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