You Know What Happens When You Assume…

We’ve all heard the saying, “When you assume you make an ass out of yoand me.” Well, I didn’t make an ass out of any of you but I definitely did out of myself.

After over a year in Latin America, I was ready for something new and have now settled down in Europe for a bit. To get here, I decided against a boring old flight and opted for an 11 day transatlantic cruise. Now, I have cruised many, many, many times before and so I assumed that would have internet access on the ship, albeit very expensive internet access, and would just continue to work right through. Well, I technically did have internet access, but the cruise line blocked certain sites that I need to use to share the free information I provide you all with to help you grow your businesses. That meant I basically just fell off the face of the earth for all of you for the past 2 weeks with no warning. Yup, my assumption made me a bit of ass 🙁

I’m very sorry to have abandoned you without so much as an FYI in advance. On the bright side, because the lack of internet forced me into an unplanned vacation I had a fabulous time on my ruise and I am now ready to hit the ground running here in Europe. I am on land again now though, so hit me up if you need any assistance and have no fear, New Venture Mentor and Startup Nomad (as well as my newsletter) will be back in action starting this week.

Thanks so much for your understanding and your continued support!

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  1. I’ve grown to dislike the saying – assuming makes an ass of you and me. Its not true. We all assume and need to. The problem is not in assuming (its a short cut our brain uses to get on to the next step or info) but in not double checking assumptions, not building in a system to clarify or make sure our assumptions are correct or still correct or what they might imply

    If you had to think of each thing or idea from the beginning each and every time and not assume, we would make little progress – we would still be testing out our initial ideas.

    So, Assume – but make sure they are correct enough so the rest of what comes from our thoughts holds up.

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