Guest Post: Why You Should Consider a Course in Marketing as an Entrepreneur

Today’s guest post comes from Cassie Phillips, a blogger who’s contributed before and today shares why taking a marketing class can be super helpful to entrepreneurs building their businesses.

To become a successful entrepreneur, there are various skills that you need to develop in order to grow your company and stand out from your competitors. Your product simply will not get the profits and the attention you need, unless you have a strategy or approach to market your product. Being proficient in marketing, a key driver to the success of your business will allow you to effectively grow your business in whatever your industry might be. As the marketing landscape is rapidly changing and moving into the digital space, there are different ways you can use marketing to promote your product to your ideal target market. Here are six reasons why you should take a marketing course to become a successful entrepreneur.

Digital marketing

The key element to being successful in marketing is the ability to take advantage of digital and technological advancements. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are your focal platforms to promote your business and can be employed without any relative cost. You will be able to grow your profile depending on the effort you invest in your business’ profile. Through tools such as Facebook Business Manager, you will be able to boost your promotional posts by investing in advertising spending. Through Google AdWords and AdSense, you will also be able to target your promotional content to specific target markets. Being proficient in SEO, EDM and email campaigns are effective ways to increase reach and traction to your business’ website and encourage purchase.

Marketing strategy

An essential skill that you will develop from taking a marketing course is knowing how to develop a sustainable and effective marketing strategy. Ensure that your strategy considers both the long-term and short-term visions and goals of your business. To create an effective marketing strategy, ensure to maintain a consistent brand story and image that is reflective throughout all consumer touch points. This is inclusive of social media, promotional content and word-of-mouth brand storytelling. With a solid brand purpose and proposition, this will allow you to guide and motivate your business to attain its objectives.

Market research

Understanding the best approaches to gather market research will allow you to foster consumer insights to improve your marketing strategy and campaigns. By enrolling in a marketing course, you will be able to collect quantitative and qualitative data and become proficient in programs and software to store the information. You will also be able to develop analytical and critical thinking skills in order to understand what the data means and conceptualise it.

Advertising campaign

To execute the marketing strategy, you will then develop an advertising campaign to project your brand to the public, and most specifically, your ideal target market. From the consumer insights that you have gathered, brainstorm ideas and concepts that will align with your brand’s image and the needs of your target market. Take a Marketing and Communications course in Upskilled to attain an in-depth understanding of the approaches to advertising and the skills required to plan and effectively execute the promotional content. This course will allow you to develop management skills through strategic thinking to link your campaigns with your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing trends and opportunities

An effective way of staying ahead of the competition is by being the first to take advantage of the trends and opportunities within the marketing landscape. Take a marketing course to ensure that your strategy and content remain consistently relevant, modern and contemporary, and aligned with your target consumers. Broader trends such as technological and social factors are also potential impacts to your marketing strategy and should be adapted when appropriate. The introduction of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality gives birth to various marketing opportunities within digital platforms to better connect with customers. Although responding to trends can positively affect your business’ relevance and growth, you must also be aware of investing in fads and short-term styles that can perish at a rapid pace.


As an entrepreneur, it is integral to know whether you have achieved financial improvements, whether it be measured yearly, monthly or even daily. An analysis of your marketing strategy through social media and digital marketing tools can help you measure the efforts and investments that you have contributed to your business. You will be able to identify areas of weaknesses and strengths and work to strategically improve poor performing areas. A high proficiency in effectiveness tools will create a more efficient and specific target marketing to increase purchase and consequently, profitability.

Whether or not you are proficient in marketing skills and strategy, a brush-up and enhancement of marketing elements will allow you to align your business in the right direction to become profitable. What key benefits will drive you to take a course in marketing to become a successful entrepreneur?



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