Guest Post: 7 Exercises You Can Do Right From Your Chair

It’s guest post week again here on New Venture Mentor and today we have a post from Scott Davis that should help us stay healthier even as put in the work to build our businesses. Here’s Scott:

Opening up a business for the first time could be challenging. You are excited that you have finally started a business, but you are also fearful it will not turn out the way you want it to be. This is why you are totally hands-on in this business. You want to see every aspects of it.

As a result, you spend more time in your office to keep the business running. Before you know it, you have already spent several hours sitting in front of your computer. You keep checking on the accounts, researching on ways to improve your business or managing the emails that you send to your clients.

There is nothing wrong in being a hands-on owner if you really want your business to succeed. The only problem is that you might forget your health along the way. Take note that if you are seated in front of your computer for a very long time, it could have negative effects on your health.

To begin with, your body can’t stay in a relaxed mode for a long time. It doesn’t help burn calories, leading to weight gain. It also increases the chances of suffering from heart problems. Several studies have found that those who are seated for a longer time than those who keep moving develop heart ailments.

You have to change now

This only means that you need to change your lifestyle. You can still do your job as a business owner even if you are in the office. In fact, there are exercises you can do while seated. The process is very simple. You just have to check out the best exercises that can be done at work.

They might look funny at first, but you can keep your body moving. This aids in digestion and it also makes your heart healthier. It seems awkward at first, but you will eventually get used to it. You can start with the simpler movements before you try the more complicated ones. Again, they don’t require you to leave your chair so you can still keep working.

You have nothing to worry if you have deadlines to be met or tasks that need to be done. You can even delegate some of the tasks to your employees and speak with them while exercising.

Create your own routine

You can start by checking out what exercises can be done without leaving your seat. You can do them randomly or you can customize it. You can have your own routine that you can keep doing every now and then. It helps that your body does not remain in the same position for a long time. If you can start leg stretching or arm movements every 30 minutes or so, it will surely help improve your health.

Creating your own routine also allows you to screen what exercises work best for you. It lets you remove those that you think are awkward or difficult to do. As long as you keep your body moving and you don’t feel like you are just resting, it is good enough.

Do More

Doing exercises on your seat while running your business is great. However, it also helps that you couple it with actual exercises at the gym once the job is done. You also have to be careful in choosing what kind of food you eat.

It is also important that you check with your physician every now and then to see if you have health problems or potential risks. Sometimes, you are too caught up with your business that you forget to check your health.

In the end, your health is still what matters most. No matter how successful you are as a business owner, it will be useless if your health deteriorates. Therefore, if you can start changing your lifestyle now, it would be great.

Check out the infographic below to help you out. It contains the exercises that can be done while working. Just take a look at the ones that you are comfortable of doing until you get used to them.

Again, think of your health and what these exercises can do. This will be enough to motivate you to keep exercises.

7 Exercises You Can Do Right In Your Chair!

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