Guest Post: 6 Tips Small Business Websites Should Always Use

This week’s guest post is from Chris Naish from NoHatDigital. He shares tips for making sure your business’ website has what it takes to woo your customers.

Starting a new business online can be an exciting time, but many new entrepreneurs are unaware of how critical the ‘under the hood’ workings of a website are.

These 6 Startup Tips For Small Business Websites are critical to the success of your business and any designers and developers you hire should be aware of them. Question whoever you outsource this work to thoroughly on each of these points, and if they don’t have any answers, proceed with caution!

Make sure your website will be mobile friendly
Most purchases are still made on PCs, but mobile is catching up fast. Even though most sales are not made via mobile devices, it very likely that the first time somebody finds you it will be via a mobile device.

Google and other search engines are also starting to give preference to sites that are mobile friendly, so be sure this is part of your web developers plan!

There is nothing worse than trying to navigate a website designed for desktop while surfing on a mobile device. It will lose you business!

Ask if Site Speed is a Priority
Visitors don’t like to hang around. If your website is slow to load people will abandon you without even getting to so much as hear your message.

You should really be looking at making sure every page on your site loads in under two seconds. Ask your developer if they can assure you that this will be the case.

A slow site might be down to many different things such as bad coding, badly optimized images or even a subpar hosting company. (See below.)

Work With a Great Hosting Company
A bad hosting company can further the problem of your website loading slowly, but it can also lead to your site actually being down completely.

On top of this, you could be on the same IP as spammy sites which may affect your search engine rankings, it is usually worth paying a little extra for a less crowded hosting package with a company like SiteGround.

Your developer may be affiliated with any hosting company they recommend, bear this in mind and actually ask as much. Then do your homework on the company. Not all hosting is equal, some is downright bad for business!

Analysis of User Experience
So your website is set up and you think it is ready to rock and roll. Test everything, and then test it again…

Then ask somebody who isn’t involved in the project to test the site, they may see things you never noticed, or give you some feedback and advice you never even thought of.

Ask your developer if analytics will be installed on your site so that you can monitor how real visitor experiences play out. Ask if they will help you to split test different sales pages and paths through your funnel so that you can improve conversions.

Finally, also try to get feedback (especially negative) from your visitors. This might come after a purchase, or when somebody is trying to leave your site in the form of exit popups.

Make sure your website is search engine friendly
This is a big subject, but your developer should be able to help you with the basics. Ask about:

Search engine friendly URLs
Metadata for every web page
On page search engine optimization
Rich Snippets

If your site only consists of images it may look great, but search engines need text to know what your site is about. Then they know what sort of visitor will be interested in your site.

Website Security
Ask your developer how they intend to protect your site from hackers. This is something that should be monitored indefinitely, especially if you are taking visitor details and payments.

Insist that the HTTPS protocol is used on your site, as not only does this make your security tighter, it also reassures potential buyers that they are safe when doing business with you.

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