Guest Post: 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an FAQ

It’s guest post week again here on New Venture Mentor and this week we have a post from Jason Grills about the importance of having an FAQ section on your small business’ website. Here’s Jason:

What does a small business need in order to become eligible for exponential growth? Simple, it should provide value and convince people of its expertise, thus earning the trust of potential customers; should keep building relationships by solving clients’ problems in the most efficient way; should stay visible and easy to reach in the online environment. Finally, it should offer utmost convenience and a delightful buying experience that infallibly increases customer satisfaction. After all, clients are loyal only if they are valued, taken care of and happy. All of that and more is enabled with an effectively created FAQ page. Hopefully, these five reasons will help you realize just how vital they actually are.

An Opportunity to Display Your Expertise and Earn Trust

As you might already know, FAQ stands for “frequently asked questions”, and differs from the rest of your website pages in a number of ways. Most importantly, it should not be confused with an “About Us” page, since it doesn’t provide information about your company and brand, but offers specific answers about your products and services.

The FAQ page allows you to show off your expertise in the field. If it is well-optimized, it enlists a number of answers and questions that have been chosen according to relevance and informational value and structures them in a logical order that’s easy to navigate through. FAQs help you to channel and express your professionalism, thus making it useful for the potential customers as well.

Additionally, FAQ pages rely heavily on transparency. Their purpose is to address common concerns like product quality, unique selling point, online buying safety, shipping protocol and return policy. By giving straightforward answers, useful product information, and proof of credentials, they reassure prospects that your company deserves their trust.

Time-Saving Customer Support Solution  

An FAQ section is created from usual queries, pain points, concerns and objections that prospects and customers demand a resolution for. Traditionally, you can find them in your email inbox and help desk tickets, and they are, in a way, a type of customer support.

At the same time, they ameliorate many customer service troubles. Similarly to online documentation and self-service, FAQs enable current and future clients to stay solution-oriented and search for the answer to their problem all by themselves. If thorough enough, an FAQ section considerably decreases the need for customer service calls and tickets.

Your team will have to spend some time creating it. With a little help from FAQ software for website and knowledge management tools, this process is significantly streamlined and it still saves plenty of time, effort and money in the long run.

Improves Customer Experience

Whether it comes as a first step toward timely resolution or an instant solution to customers’ problems, an FAQ page is of huge convenience for prospects and that’s ultimately the only thing that matters. When needed, it helps them learn more about your business model and products, which is especially important to new users.

Instead of having to rely on help desk agents, customers can access your FAQ page whenever and wherever the need arises and still find helpful and actionable guidance. Unless they have a really specific and unusual problem that your customer service reps haven’t been informed of yet, an FAQ page is the only source of knowledge they need.

Much like customer self-service, FAQs are advantageous and preferred by many because they are easy to use, quicker than traditional support, informational, and accommodating. And, since FAQs anticipate customer questions before they are asked, this solution immensely contributes to a delightful customer experience that’s key for steady conversions.

Increase Conversion Rates and Boost Sales

Since it displays expertise, builds trust and keeps customers happy, an FAQ page acts as a personal assistant that every prospect can find useful while trying to decide whether to make a purchase or flee from the site.

First and foremost, FAQs are direct instructions for approaching the sales funnel in a safe way. Then, they provide valuable information that helps eliminate a buyer’s uncertainty and make a compelling argument in your products’ favour. When embedded with an engaging call to action, in the end, an FAQ section gives prospects an opportunity to either ask for further info and more details or to make a direct purchase.

As such, they assist customers throughout the entire buying lifecycle and cover and prevent all of its potential slowdowns. For prospects, it promises smoother completion of a process, while for a company, it delivers faster conversions.

Enhance SEO Efforts and Acquire New Customers

It’s quite obvious that FAQs are an indispensable part of any sales strategy, in which they serve as organic boosters. But they can also increase your website traffic and help you rank higher in search engine result pages, thus attracting more high-quality leads.

When troubleshooting a product-related issue, customers google their problem in the form of a question. That’s why these website pages rank very high on all search engines, as long as they are optimized with niche-related keywords that customers usually use in their search engine inquiries.

In addition, FAQ pages are quite suitable for cross-linking. They target specific questions, which means that their answers directly refer to your products and services, which probably have a page of their own on your website. You can simply include a link to your FAQ and send a reader straight to a product page where they can get additional information or make a purchase. Either way, further customer engagement is guaranteed.

The Final Words

As if all this wasn’t enough, the inclusion of an FAQ section gives you a chance to learn too. Knowledge management and online FAQ software systems go hand in hand, which means that creating one requires thorough research and analysis of customer behaviour. In order to keep your clientele pleased, you need to get familiar with their mindsets and perception of your brand first. Being equipped with intelligence implies continual improvement and steady growth.

Jason Grills is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Knowledgebase Software. He enjoys writing about emerging knowledge management products,trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. He lives in Los Angeles, California. In his spare time, Jason enjoys long walks on beach, listening to blues and doing all things creative.

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