The Grand Canyon

Week number 4 of my list of some of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve had and would suggest you add to your bucket list.

In no particular order, my top 10 suggestions for your travel bucket list are:

  • Kayaking and swimming in the bioluminescent bay in Vieques, Puerto Rico
  • Seeing the millions of monarch butterflies in Michoacan, Mexico
  • Desert safari off-roading, camel riding, and dinner show in Dubai, UAE
  • The Grand Canyon in the USA
  • Superman zip-lining in the cloud forests of Costa Rica
  • Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Ruins of the city of Ephesus in Turkey
  • Helmet diving in the Caribbean
  • Crossing the Andes
  • Sailing from Colombia to Panama through the Sand Blas islands

Today’s post will be about the Grand Canyon.

I really don’t feel like I need to give too much description for this post. Everyone knows what the Grand Canyon is and that it’s a bit of a must see.

When I visited the Grand Canyon I did so as a day trip while I was in Las Vegas. I don’t remember the name of the tour group but I just did a Google search and chose the least expensive company with great reviews and it worked out for me.

I was picked up from my hotel early in the morning and the tour lasted the entire day with a stop at the Hoover Dam and then also at the Grand Canyon. I was on a tour that allowed us to visit multiple sites at the Grand Canyon and provided lunch and a performance by a Native American Dance Troupe (though they did mention that the tribal dances they performed were not those of the Indian people who actually inhabit the land around the Grand Canyon, so that was a bit odd).

If you have the opportunity to go see the Grand Canyon, do it. That’s really all I can say. However, if you have children, be careful! The part of the Grand Canyon that I visited does not have any fences or other barriers to keep you from falling over the edge. If your children may be curious and wander over to the edge, it may be better to wait until they’re a bit older before visiting.

I also recommend that you bite the bullet and pay to go on the Sky Walk – the glass walkway that extends out over the Canyon so you can look straight down into it – even though you can’t bring your own cameras out onto it. It’s a bit of a tourist trap in terms of waiting and pricing, but it’s worth it to have the experience and be able to say you did it.

Check out some photos from my visit below:

DSCF0738 DSCF0741 DSCF0749 DSCF0751

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