Business Building Tips Weekly Round-Up: October 10, 2014



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5 Common Strategic Mistakes to Avoid When Using AdWords

In this article for Entrepreneur, Rocco Baldassarre explains the top mistakes that new entrepreneurs mistake when first using Adwords to promote their startups or small businesses. They include:

  • Overly broad remarketing campaigns
  • Using generic ads for all keywords
  • Having an agency open a new account with their email address
  • Underestimating the power of peer pressure
  • Failure to align brand, landing page, and social media

To get all of the details, click the article title above.


Why Do Startups Fail? Here Are the Top 20 Reasons

In this article for the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Cromwell Schubarth discusses the most common reasons that new companies fail to succeed. Among the top:

  • Building a solution without a problem
  • Running out of cash
  • Not having the right team
  • Being beaten by competition
  • Having pricing and cost issues

Click the article title above to see the complete list.


5 Quirks of the Human Brain Every Marketer Should Understand

In this article for HubSpot, Carter Bowles discusses some of the peculiarities of human psychology that are important to understand and take into account as you build marketing campaigns to promote your startup or small business. Those 5 quirks are:

  • Attribution erroe
  • Confirmation bias
  • Self-serving bias
  • Belief bias
  • The framing effect

Click the article title above to learn what each of those really are and how they impact your marketing.


Top Startup Mistakes: Screwing Up Hiring

In this week’s New Venture Mentor episode, I discussed some of the most common issues new entrepreneurs make in the hiring process that lead to disaster for their startups or small businesses. Those mistakes include:

  • Hiring too soon
  • Hiring too quickly
  • Breaking employment law

To learn the difference between hiring too soon and hiring too quickly, click the article title above.


5 Things to Do Before Saying “I Do” to a Business Partner

In this article for Entrepreneur, Deborah Mitchell explains some ways to make sure you’re going into business with the right person. Her suggestions?:

  • Perform due diligence
  • Lawyer up
  • Have an exit strategy
  • Protect yourseld
  • Protect your brand

Click the article title above, to get all of the details.


Shark Tank Star Daymond John Says Never Make This Common Mistake When Pitching Investors

In this article for Entrepreneur, Kim Lachance Shandrow shares Daymon John’s top tip for pitching investors: be honest about mistakes and challenges. Click the article title above to read the full story.

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