Business Building Tips Weekly Round-Up: November 21, 2014


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4 Ways to Offer Sales That Boost (Not Damage) Your Business

In this article for American Express’ OPENForum, Geoff Williams discusses how to best promote your startup or small business using sales that will increase sales and bring in new customers as opposed to costing you time and money. His suggestions include:

  • Make sure you’ll at least break even
  • Watch out for the deal hunters
  • Know who you want to attract
  • Know why you’re having a sale to begin with

Click the article title above to read the full piece and get all of the details.


10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Social Media

In this article for Social Media Today, Monica Wells shares some surprising tidbits about social media that will be helpful for any entrepreneur trying to market a startup or small business to know. Click the article above to get all of the details.

Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs

As we get deeper into the holiday season, in this week’s New Venture Mentor post I share my top picks at a variety of price points for the best gifts to give the entrepreneur in your life.


The 5 Worst Things You Can Say When Pitching for Venture Capital

In this article for Forbes, investor Josh Linkner shares the top ways entrepreneurs put their foot in their mouth when pitching their startups to venture capitalists and angel investors. Click the article title above to get all of the info.


8 Brilliant Facebook Marketing Tactics to Use Right Now

In this piece for Social Media Today, Betsy Kent shares 8 ideas for kicking your startup’s or small business’ Facebook marketing up a notch. Click the article title above to learn her tips.


4 Marketing Strategies That Paid Off for Small Companies

In this piece for the Wall Street Journal’s Small Business section, Chris Gay gives 4 examples of entrepreneurs who were able to spread the word about their startups and small businesses without spending a ton of cash. To learn how they did it and see if you can apply these tactics to your business, click the article title above.

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