Best Gifts for Entrepreneurs 2016

I’m a bit late with the list this year but here’s my annual roundup of the top gifts for the entrepreneur in your life. Maybe there are some procrastinators out there who haven’t yet completed their holiday shopping. Full disclosure, many of the links below are affiliate links, but I first decide on my list and second see if affiliate options are available, so there really are my top picks.

Google Fi

I’m not sure if Google Fi still has a waitlist or not but, even it does, it’s well worth the wait. Fi is Google’s cell service and I love it: $20 per month plus $10 per GB of data that you actually use – and partial GBs are counted as partial GBs – plus the international calling rates are great and the data is the same in something like 120 or 180 countries so that the entrepreneur in your life can stay connected while traveling. I already have it, love it, and have been telling everyone I know about how awesome it is for well over a year.

Portable Charger/Power Pack

Most entrepreneurs never really stop working, which means their cell batteries never get a rest. A good portable charger can be a life-saver. These come in a range of prices, so scope them out, read reviews, and make sure you get one that properly connects to the type of phone your favorite entrepreneur uses.

Amazon Echo or Google Home

Entrepreneurs like their toys, especially toys that make their lives easier, and the Amazon Echo and Google Home are the two hottest of those new robot assistant toys. I actually have both in my condo – the Echo upstairs and the Google Home downstairs. While I am a full-fledged Google fan girl and fully believe that the Google Home will overtake the Echo eventually, right now I think the Echo may have a very slight edge. Either one you choose, they’re at least fun to play with if not life changing just yet.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether you’re traveling, in a co-working space, or in a home office, when you’re an entrepreneur there are bound to be lots of distractions that can derail your focus and slow your startup’s or small business’ progress. Sometimes you need to give your focus a little helping hand by canceling out any potentially distracting background noise with a good pair of headphones. Yes, I get that headphones that are this pricey are not for everyone. If you have a tendency to get easily distracted, however, these will do wonders for your ability to get in the zone and get stuff done.

Business Card Case

Here’s one that shouldn’t break anyone’s budget: a business card case. Every professional needs one but we all seem to forget to buy them for ourselves. There are a zillion options and you should consider personality and industry when choosing the right case, but you can’t do much better for a stocking stuffer than a basic one for under $5. Alternatively, I actually use a cigarette case as my business card case because it helps me stay organized – when I go to an event I keep my cards on one side and as I collect cards from people I meet, I put those on the other side. That way I am never fumbling around trying to sort through all of the cards I’ve collected to find one of mine to share.

Touchscreen Gloves

It’s super annoying when you can’t check something or answer a text easily because it’s cold outside and you’re bundled up. Save the hassle with some touchscreen gloves like these ones above.

Maid service

We all look for excuses not to wash the toilets and a customer crisis certainly works, so it’s easy to let the house get a little messy when you’re stressed out trying to build a business that can support you and your family. Help the entrepreneur in your life out by gifting him/her house-cleaning service. Or just a ROOMBA, whichever.

Other services that might be great include massages/facials/pedicures and other pampering.

There’s also always the entrepreneur’s favorite bottle of alcohol.

Amazon Prime

Or, alternatively, if you just don’t know, an Amazon Prime membership is always great. We all need stuff. Amazon has almost all of that stuff: everything from computers to clothes to toilet paper. When we order that stuff, we all want it RIGHT NOW. What’s not to love about a year of free 2-day shipping plus other goodies like free streaming movies, music, and shows?

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