Zipline Canopy Tour – Costa Rica

THIS IS MY FAVORITE ACTIVITY SO FAR ON MY LATIN AMERICA TRIP! That’s really all that needs to be said, but I will give you some more details. The canopy tour was ridiculously fun and it’s up there on my list of coolest things I’ve ever done along with the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico and the helmet dive in Grand Cayman. Basically, you get to fly through the air through a rainforest so the actual ziplining is fun if you like mild adventure and the views are awesome.

I did this as part of a larger combo tour that also took me to the hot springs near Arenal Volcano (which I will write about next week), so I was picked up by a bus in San Jose, where I stayed while in Costa Rica, and was driven out to the Canopy Tour location. Once there, we got suited up in the zipline gear and were given the safety information (offered in both English and Spanish). Then it was time to get rolling.

The guys working the Canopy Tour course were all very easy-going and a lot of fun and the course itself is set up so you have a mixture of very short and much longer ziplines. On the longer lines, there is actually enough cloud cover that you can’t see when the zipline ends so you essentially just fly off into the abyss – which is a fun experience. Also, in addition to the basic ziplining, the course I completed included the “Tarzan swing” and the “Superman,” both of which I highly recommend. They’re both just what they sound like (and you’ll see a taste of both in the video below) – the “Tarzan swing” is just a hanging rope that swings you out over the canopy and the “Superman” allows you to lay down on your stomach and “fly” over the canopy. If you’re not adventurous enough to put on one of those flying squirrel suits or try hang-gliding, this is probably the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re flying and it’s really an amazing experience and a breathtaking view over the jungle.

The tour I took was at Parque de Aventuras San Luis. Check out the video below to see my adventure!


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