The Secret Motivation Mix That Will Get You Moving Towards Building Your Business

Starting a business is nerve-wracking and the toughest part can be getting yourself motivated to move forward and make progress towards building a company. I usually don’t like to discuss “the fluffy stuff,” but since this barrier holds a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs back I thought I’d go ahead and share my (dirty little) secret for getting motivated: the motivation mix. This post isn’t like my typical ones, but I hope that you find it helpful.

Check out the video below to learn what’s in the motivation mix and how to use it to get going towards your goals.

I hope you found the concept of the motivation mix helpful and are feeling a bit more comfortable jumping into building your dream business. If you’re ready to go but need a little guidance about where to start, set up an appointment with me by clicking the “Work with Cate” tab in the navigation bar for a full consultation or the “Contact” box in the lower right to chat for 15 minutes and get a better idea of how I can help.

Also, don’t forget to share how you get motivated in the comments section below! Everyone has some useful tricks that others may want to try!


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  1. Some also call personal motivation overcoming “Fences In Your Mind,” which is from the book titled Living a Five Star Life. Sometimes a good kick in the pants is all someone needs to succeed!

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