Isla Tortuga – Costa Rica

While in Costa Rica I stayed in the capital city of San Jose, which is not on the water. However, since Costa Rica is known for its beaches, I did take a few trips out to the Pacific coast to see what it had to offer. One of those trips was a visit to Tortuga Island.

Those who want to visit Tortuga Island, which is a small, semi-private island where you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, bird-watching, or just lounging on the beach should take a ferry or a catamaran from Puntarenas. You’ll have to book this as a day tour and you’ll be provided lunch on the island by your ship’s staff. The lunch and a few tickets for basic drinks are included. Alcohol and any of the other activities like kayaking and snorkeling will cost you extra and I recommend trying to haggle with the activities vendors.

Having worked on cruise ships, I’m a little hard to impress so I wasn’t swept away by the entertainment or the beach’s beauty, but it was definitely an enjoyable day and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to have some leisure time and see beyond Jaco or Puntarenas.

You can check out the ferry ride and the island in the video below: