How to Choose an Online Marketing Professional

Unfortunately, for every great online marketing professional out there, there are 10 more people who truly suck. I’ve heard tons of horror stories from entrepreneurs who got burned by a social media or SEO expert and are now too gun shy to hire an expert again. You shouldn’t let the bad apples scare you off from the entire profession, though. Here are some tips I’ve learned from clients’ experiences that will hopefully help you pick a top notch online marketing professional and not waste another penny on one who’s not worth his or her salt.

If you have any other tips for how to spot the superstar online marketers in a sea of fakes, please let me know in the comments below!


Why & How to Use Google+ for Business

Google+ hasn’t always gotten much respect as a key social media channel for business promotion, but that’s changing. Google+ is growing rapidly and provides some extra benefits that some of the other big players don’t. It’s also one of my top traffic referrers, so I recommend that anyone not already using it for their business at least give it a try.

Not only is Google+ a property of the largest search engine in the world, Google (duh), but also it has a great interface and isn’t completely overrun with spammers yet so you can still get some great interaction from other users pretty easily. Google+ is similar to Facebook in that you can create both a personal profile and a company page, so if you want to promote your business you should get started by creating both.

Check out the video below to learn more about why and how you should be using Google+ to help promote your business.

Every entrepreneur needs to assess the pros and cons of each potential marketing avenue and not every social media platform is right for every business. However, if you haven’t checked out Google+ yet, you’re missing out. The SEO benefits as well as the level of engagement you can generate from other users make it a platform that all entrepreneurs should at least try out before deciding if it’s right for them.