Tips to Attract and Retain Top Employees at Your Startup or Small Business

Every entrepreneur knows that the team he or she builds is the backbone of the business and that without great employees your company won’t thrive. But when you’re just starting out or are a small business without the mounds of cash the titans have to attract top talent, how do you find -and keep- the stars you need?

1) Understand what motivates the type of people who would look for -and thrive in – a job at a startup for small business to begin with.

2) Connect what your company’s mission is with what the candidates’ passions are.

3) Provide autonomy and a clear vision of how that role directly affects the success of the company.

4) Provide opportunities for growth.

5) Build an awesome team with complementary personalities.

6) Consider stock options, profit sharing, etc.

Remember, attracting and retaining star employees is about making them feel fulfilled both emotionally and intellectually more so than keeping their bank accounts topped off, so a business need not be a large multinational to get and keep top talent.

For more details, check out the video:

Do you have additional tips for how to attract and retain top talent without spending everything your business has? If so, please share your tips below!