Colombia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Interview with Conrad Egusa

I began my Startup Nomad adventures in Colombia in Medellin. This is the first non-capital city I visited for Startup Nomad in Latin America and that’s because its entrepreneurship community simply cannot be ignored. It’s rapidly growing and is attracting lots of interest from entrepreneurs and investors from outside of Colombia.

Case in point: Conrad Egusa of Espacio, a co-working space in the heart of Medellin. Conrad is from the United States, has founded multiple businesses, and had experience in the startup scenes in Silicon Valley, New York, and Miami before moving to Colombia. Once he touched down in Medellin he fell in love and never left!

Check out the interview below to hear why he loves Medellin so much and how he thinks the entrepreneurial ecosystem there compares to that in the U.S.’s startup hubs.