Guest Post: Why Guerilla Marketing is Alive and Well

Today’s guest post comes from Colour Graphics and is a great reminder that guerilla marketing tactics should not be overlooked by small business owners, so long as their ROI is being tracked. Here’s Colour Graphics with more details about how to make the most of your limited marketing budget: Continue Reading

Giving Props Where Props Are Due: Praise for Credit Karma

Today is a super short video just to give props to an awesome tool: Credit Karma. FYI, for my non-US followers, this probably isn’t going to be a useful post for y’all, sorry.

So, before I dig in, I just want to be clear with this: I am not getting paid anything by Credit Karma and, while I will for sure tag them on social media once I post this, I didn’t even connect with them about writing this post in advance. I am literally just talking about them because they kick ass and there are two reasons why: Continue Reading

Guest Post: Why Small Businesses Should Consider Buying Property Rather than Renting

It’s guest post week again and I’m glad it is because this post is coming to you while I’m in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. While I’m busy trying to get a tan, we’ll hear from the folks over at MTX Contracts about when a business owner should consider buying instead of renting the property s/he uses for the business. Here’s the post: Continue Reading

How to Increase Your Chances of Having Your Guest Blog Pitch Accepted

Today I want to talk to you about guest posts and how to increase the chances that your submission will be accepted.

Guest posting can be a great way to get your name and a link to your website out there Continue Reading

Guest Post: 3 Viable Ways to Control the Stress Factors at Your Startup

We all know that building a business can be SUPER STRESSFUL! In this week’s guest post, Yazi Jepson gives us some tips for how make sure it doesn’t all get to be too much, not just for us, but for the employees that we manage. Here’s Yazi: Continue Reading