How I Help Business Owners

Not sure if I can help you? Here are some examples of what I do:


This is a pretty typical situation:
I received an email from an aspiring entrepreneur.  The email explained his idea for a political social media website that he wanted to build and monetize and the email ended with the question: “Where do I go from here?” 


The “problem”:
The aspiring entrepreneur had deep expertise in politics and was smart and passionate about his idea, but he had no business background and didn’t know where to begin to get his business off the ground and make it successful.

The solution:
Walk the aspiring entrepreneur through validating his idea, drafting a complete business plan (including financial projections), raising angel investment, and launching his company.

What I Delivered:

  • Working with the aspiring entrepreneur, I drafted a complete business plan, including financial projections
  • We used the plan to successfully raise the angel investment necessary to launch the business
  • I provided guidance on what should be included in the articles of incorporation and by-laws to accommodate multiple shareholders and those documents were drafted and the business incorporated
  • We hired and I supervised teams to create the website and to manage social media and other marketing efforts
  • We formed a partnership with a nationally recognized brand to help promote the launch of the site
  • The website launched successfully and had active users and thousands of followers within months of the founder’s initial email to me

Do you need help like this to turn your idea into a business? Take a look at the Work with Me page to find out how to set up your appointment.


Here are a few other common situations:

    • An entrepreneur emailed me asking for help with drafting a comprehensive business plan and set of pro forma financial statements (financial projections for the business) because he was in talks with a potential investor. I worked with him for 3 weeks to develop his plans, which he then used to pitch the investor he’d been talking to. He secured MORE funding than he had originally asked for in exchange for LESS equity than he had originally been prepared to give up!


  • A new entrepreneur emailed me asking for help perfecting his pitch presentation as he would be pitching to investors in the near future and wanted to make sure everything was in order before the meeting. I provided a comprehensive review of his pitch materials, we had a 1-on-1 “tough love” meeting to talk through his trouble spots, and we agreed on action items and I provided him with a resources list to help him improve his presentation by implementing the suggestions we had talked about.  In talking through it all, the business owner realized he’d have a more successful business if he changed his business model slightly (this happens much more often than you’d think) and he’s currently meeting with potential partners and is poised for rapid growth.


  • I was introduced to a budding entrepreneur through a former client of mine who’d recommended my work and this new client was interested in raising money from venture capitalists. Unfortunately, he had already formed his LLC before talking to me and it cost him over $5,000 to change his business structure from an LLC to a corporation, the structure required for him to raise the funding he wanted. I came in too late to save him that money but I did save him the embarrassment of pitching to investors before his business was ready for investment and we worked together for months building his go to market strategy and securing leading national brands in his industry as partners.

The gist of it: I help 1st-time entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into real companies. Basically, if you bring me passion, intelligence, and your idea, I can help you build your business – even if you have zero business background. If you have a great idea but don’t know how to turn it from a dream to a reality, get in touch and we’ll work it out together. You can learn more about if I’m the right person to help you and how to get started by visiting the Work with Me page.

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