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Venture Catalyst Consulting helps entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs), and ESO funders achieve sustainable success.

About Venture Catalyst Consulting

Venture Catalyst Consulting seeks to improve the financial stability and happiness of all deserving entrepreneurs by helping business owners build successful, sustainable companies and by helping organizations that support those business owners to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems and effective entrepreneurship support programs. Keep reading…

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Venture Catalyst works with entrepreneurs around the globe to help them grow successful, sustainable businesses. While our consulting services center…

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The latest from the blog

Are Affinity Group Accelerators Helping or Hurting Minority and Female Entrepreneurs?

Recently, an interesting report from ICIC and the JPMorgan Chase Foundation about high tech incubator and accelerator programs revives the question of whether historically oppressed and/or underrepresented groups benefit from programs that segregate them from their white male counterparts.  (more…)

Don’t Bet Your Business on an N of 1

When you’re doing statistical analysis, N is your sample size. If you want results that are statistically significant, meaning that those results show an actual pattern as opposed to having likely just occurred by chance, you need a large enough sample size. Yes, I know this is a super dumbed-down simplification but stick with me…One of the things I see a lot in entrepreneurship circles is that business owners are willing to bet their entire companies on an N of 1, which is never statistically significant.  (more…)

How (and Why) ESOs Distract You With BS That Doesn’t Matter

I’ve worked in the entrepreneurship support space for many years so I’ve been to my fair share of workshops, conferences, and roundtables with economic development professionals and one of the most frustrating aspects of these get-togethers for me has always been the desire of some to spend an inordinate amount of time discussing useless crap that doesn’t matter at all.  (more…)

What People Have to Say About Working with Cate

  • “Cate Costa is one of the most insightful people I have ever known for her incredible insight in understanding entrepreneurship and what it takes to start and sustain businesses. My interaction with her as a consultant for a national fellowship gave me a deeper appreciation of her as a pragmatist and someone who is constantly thinking outside the box of traditional economic development. She is thoughtful, visionary, and pragmatic at the same time…Cate’s perspectives has helped me adapt my work as a Policy Analyst in scoping out and implementing special projects and strategic initiatives to help diversify and expand  the economic landscape of Boston.”

    John Smith, Policy Analyst, Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, City of Boston
  • “Cate’s knowledge and expertise in business strategy, helped me personally transform how I thought about my business. I now look at my business from a strategic perspective versus tactical…In third quarter 2016, five months after taking Cate’s class, my company achieved more revenue in one quarter than all of 2015 and this trajectory has continued into 2017. Rarely do you find a person who has the skillset to help others see the opportunities in their business and provide them with the tools and coaching to execute those opportunities… Cate is that person! I highly recommend, Cate’s consulting services as she is truly transformational. She has the ability to be  a catalyst in moving your business forward.”

    Karen Fleshman, Co-Founder and COO, Haskins Advisory Group
  • “Cate has become a great resource that has allowed me to look past the stumbling blocks that bogged me down as a business owner. A two minute conversation with her gave me a simple strategy towards assessing the risks necessary to grow any business. After our time together my business saw a 25% increase in revenue. I’ve taken the necessary steps to expand my company which will allow for exponential financial growth! She’s helped me understand the key numbers that all financial institutions look at when deciding to approve funding!”

    Maurice Sanders, Owner, Cornerstone Logistics