Metro Cable in Medellin, Colombia

As I mentioned last week, one of the coolest things about Medellin is its metro and aerial cable car system connecting the main city in the valley and its outskirts in the mountains. The metro and metro cable were part of the transformation and revitalization of the city and I have never seen a more spotless public transportation system in my life. Plus, because it’s part of the normal public transportation system, the metro cable is one of the most affordable tourist activities you will ever enjoy.

For my “tour” of the metro cable I decided to ride it all the way up to Parque Arvi. You will likely have to take the regular metro from wherever you’re staying in Medellin and then switch at the Acevedo station to the metro cable. You’ll ride this all the way up to the top at Santo Domingo where the publid transportation metro cable ends. This ride alone gives you some awesome views and a sense of the metro cable, but I recommend you switch to the metro cable that will take you all the way up to Parque Arvi, even though you’ll have to pay more. There’s actually not much to see at the top but there are local vendors with some delicious Colombian food, fresh fruits, and artisan crafts. Despite being a tourist destination, everything is very reasonably priced. I enjoyed a lovely lunch (including fresh strawberries for desert) for less than $3 USD.

The metro cable is definitely something not to be missed if you visit Medellin so take a look at the video below (sped up a bit) to get an idea for what you’ll experience.

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