A Marketing Homework Assignment for Business Owners

I have a homework assignment for you today 🙂

We all know that it’s incredibly important for us to make the right impression on our potential customers, yet not many of us actually check in to see if the image we think we’re portraying is what our potential customers are actually seeing. So, I have a homework assignment for you to help you check just that.

Here’s what I want you to do:

  • First, pick out your primary marketing tool – this might be a brochure, a video, a website – it doesn’t matter what it is, just choose the main marketing tool you use
  • Show that marketing piece to at least 15-20 people who don’t know your business well – be sure that you don’t give any additional explanations or backstory, just show them the marketing piece
  • Ask those people the following questions:
    • What do you think of when you see this piece?
    • What are 3 adjectives that come to mind when you look at this piece?
    • What do we do?
  • Analyze the feedback you get to see if your marketing is in line with the brand that you want to portray and make adjustments as needed

You’d be surprised how many business owners do this exercise and realize that they’re not portraying the image that they think they are and many realize they’re not even being clear about what they do because many of the people they ask can’t even identify what the business’ offerings are.

This feedback is invaluable, so go out and get it, make adjustments, and then remember to ask again. This exercise should be something you do regularly, not just a one-off that you do but then ignore the results of and never repeat. It can definitely be humbling, but it’s worth it to help you improve your marketing so that you can land more customers. Just remember, you have to ask someone who doesn’t already know your business so asking your best friend is cheating and won’t give you helpful results.

Want to get started with collecting feedback on your marketing materials right away? Click here to access a pre-made feedback sheet and how-to guide for this homework assignment.

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