My Services

9I’m excited you’re starting a business and interested in working with me to make sure the startup process is as painless as possible! Before we get into how you can work with me though, let’s first be sure that you should work with me.

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You’re a 1st-time entrepreneur with a great business idea but you need help with a particular aspect of the business planning process or you’re just not really sure how to move forward with turning that idea into a real business
  • You’re currently in business but not growing as quickly as you know you could be and want guidance developing an actionable growth strategy
  • You want straight-forward advice that cuts through all of the business buzzwords and gets right to the action steps to help you build or grow your business
  • You want someone who has experience building businesses and raising funding to walk you through the process in plain language without acting like you’re dumb because you don’t know all of the lingo

If yes, keep reading below to find out about the different options I offer to help you get started with building your new business.

One-on-One Sessions

Unfortunately, I am at capacity and not currently accepting any new one-on-one clients. 

My one-on-one consulting sessions are my most popular option for helping you get started.

Every new entrepreneur’s situation is different so a little bit of personalized assistance goes a long way. All of my sessions are “tough love” sessions and I will be honest with you about where you need to put in more work and what just doesn’t make sense yet with your plan. I’m not going to do all of the work for you, but I will walk you through each step and ensure that you don’t make any of the most common rookie mistakes that cost new businesses lots of time and money.

You have two options for one-on-one sessions:

Online Courses

Not quite ready for the one-on-one but want a bit more structure than a bunch of blog posts and YouTube videos? No problem. I’ve created structured online courses to walk you through two of the most important – and most difficult – pieces of planning for the launch of your business: writing the business plan and figuring out how to fund your new company.




Business Planning Guide Book

Want something you can load up on your kindle and get to work planning your business even if you don’t have an internet connection? Pick up my book Owning It: The Aspiring Entrepreneur’s Guide to Planning & Launching a Successful Business, which you can purchase for Kindle here. For less than $5, I’ll take you through the process of building your own business, complete with 13 worksheets and 6 financial projection templates that you’ll download here on the site and use in combination with the book to develop a complete launch plan for your new business in as painless a way as possible.

Here’s what people are saying about Owning It:






Speaking Engagements

If you’re hosting an event and would like to invite me to speak, please get in touch with the details (concept, date/time, location, etc.) of your event and what you’d like me to discuss and I will be in touch as soon as possible to see if I can help! You can email me at Cate(at)thevccgroup(dot)com.