Learn How to Make Information Beautiful from Visme’s Payman Taei

Today is a quick post just to give you all a heads up about a really awesome video series that Payman Taei, the founder of Visme, is offering to teach those of us  who are not trained graphic designers how we can still make beautiful visuals to help us promote our businesses.

I know that, as an entrepreneur starting out, money is tight and we sometimes have to do everything ourselves, even if we know we’re not the best at it. Designing visuals and presentations is one of those things that often ends up falling to us, even if it takes us way longer than it should to create a less than spectacular finished product. We still don’t want our marketing materials or pitch deck to look like a color-blind toddler pulled it together though, so this video series from Payman will be incredibly helpful to help us make our visuals look as polished and professional as possible so that we can tell the wonderful stories of our businesses without distracting the audience with slides and infographics that are so ugly the message gets lost. Below you’ll find Payman’s intro to the video series and the first lesson. For additional lessons, please visit the Make Information Beautiful Series site and sign up.


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