Lake Titicaca

After my visit to Machu Picchu I headed off to Puno to visit Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is a massive lake on the border between Bolivia and Peru which is famous for its extremely high altitude and its city built on man-made floating islands.

If you visit, you can take a tour out to the islands to learn about the peoples that live there and how their islands are made as well as walk around and take pictures. It’s a super strange experience as you can definitely feel that they’re not solid land. You also have the option of traveling between islands on their traditional boats, which appeared to be at least partially woven out of the same reeds that they use to build their islands.

After visiting the floating islands, your tour will likely continue out to a typical island where you’ll climb up a steep hill to see the views of the lake – which is so large it appears to be the ocean – and have a lovely lunch of typical food.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the floating islands and how they’re made.

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