How to Stay Focused During Holiday Events Season

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (if you’re in or from the U.S. anyway)! With turkey day a mere 48 hours away, holiday events season is already in full swing and it can be tough to make sure you’re staying on track with your business while also not missing the slew of events taking place. Just last week I had 4 events to attend.

I’ve written about the importance of finding and managing your peak productivity times┬ábefore, but that can get really tough when your social (or semi-social/networking) calendar is so full of holiday get-togethers, fundraisers, and parties. As someone who is at her best at 5AM – but only if I get to bed on time – I deal with the mess holiday event season makes of my productivity every year.

As this isn’t a full post, just a quick tip, I’ll get straight to the point: my advice to you for dealing with holiday event season is to not try to fight it, because you’ll likely lose that fight. Instead, embrace it and plan around it.

Gather up all of your invitations, figure out which ones are worth attending, and get them added to your calendar. Then, adjust your schedule on the surrounding days to ensure that you’re factoring in your event attendance. For example, I’m writing this blog post at 5:30AM on a Tuesday but last week I had an event Monday night so I knew the blog post was not happening at 5:30AM the next day and moved my schedule around to ensure that I would have time to get it mostly done the Monday before. Simple as that.

For many years I would try to fight it and would get behind schedule on everything; I would have left last week’s post to do Tuesday morning and then not gotten up to do it. When I finally stopped pretending that I could stay 100% on track even though I had a million events to attend and just made the necessary adjustments to my schedule, I was actually far more able to actually stay about 95% on track.

Best of luck surviving the holiday hustle and bustle!!

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