How to Prevent Your Business Website from Being Hacked

Unfortunately, the number of hackers out there that take pleasure in destroying small business websites just to prove that they can is growing. It’s become a game to them, but it’s completely devastating to a small business when its site is compromised and it needs to shut down, restore, and relaunch. Not only do the entrepreneurs who are victims of these attacks have to deal with lost revenue and customer trust created by the site’s inaccessibility but also they have to pay hefty fees to get everything secured and back up and running. For many small businesses this is simply too much and they are forced to close after such an attack.

While there is no way to completely hack-proof your company’s website, there are ways to make it more secure so that you will be less likely to be a target. Check out this week’s video to see some tips that I learned the hard way to help you keep your company website safe.

3 Replies to “How to Prevent Your Business Website from Being Hacked”

  1. Very good advice! Another good way to find out how vulnerable your website is for hacker attacks, is to run vulnerability reward program. The idea is to invite security testers from all over the world to test the security of your website. You only pay a predefined reward for the valid and unique vulnerabilities that are identified. This a very cost efficient way to find out how secure a website really is. /Jakob

    1. I’m sure they do have some plugins designed to prevent hacking but I am definitely not an expert and wouldn’t know which ones to recommend to you. I’d love to hear suggestions from other readers though!

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