How to Get Over Self-Promotion Shyness So You Can Market Your Small Business or Startup Successfully

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially women, feel a bit uncomfortable with tooting their own horn to promote their business. But getting the word out is key to success in business, so here are a couple of tips to help you get over this self-promotion shyness and start telling the world about the amazing product or service that you have to offer:

Have you ever struggled with self-promotion shyness? If yes, please share below how you’ve managed to deal with it and to effectively promote your small business or startup. I’d love to hear everyone’s tips!

Do you know anyone who struggles with feeling good about promoting him/herself  and his/her business? Share this post and maybe you’ll help them get over it, get out there, and get more business. e.d

12 Replies to “How to Get Over Self-Promotion Shyness So You Can Market Your Small Business or Startup Successfully”

  1. I never thought of it as ‘shyness’ Cate. More so not knowing how to promote oneself or business. However, shyness is a part of it as well when I think of myself, there was some apprehension about being a ‘hype’ woman or overdoing it so much as to get on others’ nerves. No one wants to be a bother, because we all want to be liked. What worked for me was realizing and accepting what I had to do in order to make my business work for me the way I knew it should.

    1. I totally agree – my biggest hurdle has been concern about getting on others’ nerves – and the only way to get over that is to accept that if you want to be a business owner you simply have to find the balance between being obnoxiously self-promotional and just keeping quiet for fear of being perceived that way. There is definitely something in between these two extremes and that is where you’ll find success. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. Self-promotion, negotiating salary, and dealing with difficult people are perhaps the most challenging aspects of starting any business or even managing one’s career. This video does justice to the reasons why self-promoting may feel awkward, but is a very necessary cost of doing business.

    Nicely done, Cate!

  3. Loved the tip about sharing what your “cure” is, Cate! One way I got over shyness, was to practice at networking events. When meeting people at a chamber event, or a social event, they will inevitably ask you what you do. Use that as an opportunity to try out your elevator speech, or promote something big that you’ve recently accomplished for a client. Practice really helps.

    What a great topic to cover,


    1. Mary-Lynn, you’re right: the old adage practice makes perfect certainly applies here and getting that practice in at a conference where you know people will ask you what you do so giving your pitch won’t feel so “braggy” is a great idea! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I’m glad you found the advice helpful, Rachel, and I hope future posts will be equally as useful to you. Thanks for subscribing and commenting!

  4. I like to think of it as sharing knowledge and reccomendations rather than bragging. I believe that I have something worth sharing with people and it is my responsibility to give this knowledge to people who want to listen and I think that is the key to not going over the top. We have two ears and one mouth and we should use them in that order. If we listen then the opportunities to impart knowledge and spot buying signals will emerge. Great stuff Cate x
    Thank you to I AM WOMAN for posting this good advice.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Amanda…and for pointing out the importance of balancing active promotion with listening to what your customers want!

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