Guest Post: The Best of 2017 An Entrepreneurs Startup Toolkit

It’s guest post week again and today we’re going to hear from Hiro Taylor, the Founder of HeroPay, about some great tools to help entrepreneurs as they build their businesses. Here’s Hiro:

2017 is the year of the entrepreneur, and boy are entrepreneurs and small business owners critical to the lifeblood of the economy.  According to the SBA, 28 million small businesses accounted for over half of all of U.S. Sales last year.  From ideation to creation to delivery, we’ve listed companies that are helping grow small businesses around the world.

In 2016, we talked to small business owners around the country and one of the resonating themes to running a successful business is ensuring you have access to the tools that help you invest more time on the things you care about, your customers.

Every good small business operator knows how valuable time and resource can be.  So, whether it’s ensuring your books are balanced, your brand fits your target audience, or you’ve compared credit card processors to ensure the lowest possible fees, knowing which tools for you to use, to save time and money, is an underlying must-do to stay ahead of the game.

We’re inspired by the heroes of the modern day small business hero, and wrapped our best-of in a nifty little infographic for you.

To the folks who are making 2017 the year of the entrepreneur, here is to a successful and prosperous year ahead!

Hiro Taylor is the Founder of HeroPay, dedicated to helping merchants save on credit card processing fees. Formerly The Visa Country Manager of Myanmar, Hiro led Visa’s business entry into the country, creating over $300 million in commerce from zero, despite the country’s antiquated telecommunications and banking infrastructure. During Hiro’s tenure, Myanmar was Visa’s fastest growing market globally. @myheropay




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