Funding Sources Cheat Sheet for Novice Entrepreneurs

I’ve talked about business funding dozens of times here on New Venture Mentor but it occurred to me that a quick little cheat sheet of what’s what when it comes to funding sources might be helpful for 1st-time entrepreneurs. The infographic below will give you the basics – and, mind you, JUST THE BASICS – of potential funding sources for startups and small businesses.

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  1. Uhhh, I don’t get it… what is to stop someone from lonkiog over your idea and cutting you out entirely?Yeah, this is a common concern (probably not entirely unfounded) of “inventors”, but it’s not like you’ve at least got “You Bastard!” rights here. The person stealing your idea has full deniability. “What? Naw, never heard of it…”For raising capital for an existing business, this might fare a little better, but for an undeveloped idea, it sounds tailor-made for the gullible and clueless to learn a complete lesson in “What suckers do.”

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