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Thanks for visiting!

If you’re here because you purchased my book and want your worksheets and templates so you can get started planning your business, you’re in the right place.

If you didn’t purchase my book but still want access to some great resources to help you plan your business and create pro forma financial statements, you can download too. If you’d like to purchase my book to get the most out of these free resources, you can get the Kindle version here, but no pressure. You can download everything with just your email, even if you don’t buy the book 🙂

Here’s what you get:

There are 3 files that will show up for you to download after you submit your email address:

  • Business Planning Worksheets in .pdf format – This download contains 13 worksheets to help you plan your business in .pdf format. You should download these if you would like to print them out and work through them by hand.
  • Business Planning Worksheets in excel format – This download contains the same 13 worksheets as above, but in excel format. You should download these if you prefer to fill in the info on the computer.
  • Financial Projections Templates – This download contains 6 pre-formatted templates to help you create financial projections for your startup including the income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, break-even analysis, capitalization table, and sources and uses of funds, all in excel format.

When you download the excel files, please note that each download is 1 excel file with numerous tabs containing the different worksheets and templates. At the bottom of the screen when you have your excel document open, you will click the different tabs to access the different templates and worksheets:


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