Venture Catalyst partners with entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs) to help them do more with the limited resources they have so that they are better able to serve the entrepreneurs whom they support. Historically, ESOs have not been able to realize their missions, in part because they were never set up for success by their funding partners. Check out my white paper, Re-Examining Entrepreneurship Support Structures to Improve Outcomes for Under-Served Entrepreneursto learn why ESOs are often unable to deliver on their promised impact and how your organization can change that.

Venture Catalyst works with top entrepreneurship support organizations to help them have the biggest impact on the clients they serve by making the most of their limited resources and helping them develop program models that are sustainable. Cate’s non-profit experience means she understands the delicate balancing act ESOs are faced with as they try to provide top-notch services to entrepreneurs while also keeping costs down and funders happy and she’s turned around struggling entrepreneurship programs once turning a $100K+ deficit and only a 50% program graduation rate into a $115K+ surplus and a 96% program graduation rate in less than a year for a non-profit ESO.

We specialize in three key areas: earned revenue model development, program development, and program evaluation. If you’re interested in learning more about how VCC can help your organization improve outcomes, please Contact Us.

No matter what type of consulting you choose, we always follow the same process: Define your goals, assess the current situation, develop a strategy, commit to SMART goals, and then evaluate your progress and adjust.

In addition to providing consulting services for ESOs themselves, Venture Catalyst also provides outsourced entrepreneur support for ESOs that are short-handed, allowing them to continue to serve their growing client bases without needing to staff up. If you’re a small organization with limited resources but lots of clients who need your help, let Venture Catalyst take some of the work off your plate by providing expert consulting services to your organization’s clients and/or by facilitating trainings and other programming for the clients you serve. We can work one-on-one or or in groups with your clients to help them plan, launch, and grow successful and sustainable businesses. Please Contact Us for more details.

Venture Catalyst is happy to help high-quality entrepreneurship support organizations deliver effective curriculum to train the entrepreneurs they serve in how to plan/launch a business and how to develop and implement effective growth strategies. If you have the workshop facilitators but simply don’t have the time to develop a formal, structured curriculum, VCC can put effective curriculum in the hands of your instructors so that you can start teaching entrepreneurs now. Contact Us today to learn more.

All of the resources that VCC provides to our entrepreneur clients including the New Venture Mentor blog, the business planning ebook, and multiple ecourses are also available as resources to the entrepreneurs you serve and can be used as supplements to the training and coaching that you provide.

Cate is available for speaking engagements at events focused on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship support. If you’d like to hire Cate for an event, please Contact Us.