Venture Catalyst works with entrepreneurs around the globe to help them grow successful, sustainable businesses. While our consulting services center on helping business owners with at least a couple of years under their belts to grow, we have resources available for entrepreneurs at all stages of business development, from those with just an idea to those with established companies.


Award-Winning Blog

Cate was honored by Fit Small Business when it named the New Venture Mentor one of the Best Entrepreneurship Blogs of 2015 and again as one of the Best Entrepreneurship Blogs of 2016 along with amazing people like Richard Branson, Derek Halpern, Paul Graham, and others.

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The Business Growth Planning System

The Business Growth Planning System (GPS) is a 12-month training program that guides entrepreneurs through developing and implementing successful growth strategies that will take their businesses to a new level of success. Click here to learn more.

Coaching & Consulting Services

Venture Catalyst is happy to work one-on-one with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them create profitable, well-run businesses. We specialize in three specific areas of consulting: growth strategy, location-independent business, and business plan/launch preparation. If you’d like Cate to work with you to plan the launch of your company, help you develop a growth strategy for your existing business, or help you convert your traditional business into a location-independent business so that you can travel the world, please click here to review packages make an appointment.

Owning It

If you’re just getting started and need help turning your idea for a great company into an actual business, check out this step-by-step guide to help you plan the launch of your business. You’ll be walked through the process of developing your launch plan, including figuring out how to fund your business, complete with worksheets and templates to help you develop your launch strategy and make a financial plan.

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Online Courses

The Business Builder Workshop is for the aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea but without a clear understanding of how to move forward. 

Starting your own business isn’t a walk in the park, but being a successful entrepreneur is worth the effort! In this course, I give you the straightforward advice you need to plan your new business. I’ll help you identify your product or service, do market analysis, conduct strategic and operational planning, navigate the maze of financial statements, and even plan your marketing to get the word out about your company! It even includes business plan templates, worksheets, and other resources.

The Funding Your Startup Business course is for the entrepreneur who wants to raise outside funding but doesn’t know the best source or how to go about it. 

Thinking about starting a business but feel clueless about how to raise capital? In this in-depth course, I’ll walk you through the startup funding process, from basic business plan to what life is like after closing the deal. Get an insider’s view of how to prepare winning pro-formas, learn how and where to find angel investors and venture capitalists, and get tips for successful pitches. I’ll help you avoid common first-time-entrepreneur mistakes and get your business funded.

How to Run a Location-Independent Business and Travel the World is for the entrepreneur who wants to become a digital nomad, run his/her business remotely, and travel the world. 

If you’ve dreamed of traveling the world or would just rather run your business from Bora Bora than from Boston, this course will show you how to do just that. It doesn’t give you business basics, the Business Builder Workshop does that, but it does share the ins and outs and ups and downs of location-independence for business owners and helps guide you through the transition so you can avoid the common mistakes made by those new to location-independence.

The Planning a Business Around a Passion course is for anyone thinking about taking their favorite hobby and making it their full-time business. 

Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life—right? Wrong! Building a business based on a passion can turn a hobby into a chore. This course explains how to plan ahead so that entrepreneurship doesn’t ruin your passion. Delve into the psychology of motivation and expectation, and find out what questions to consider before quitting your day job. Finally, get tips on maximizing time doing what you love and minimizing the often thankless work of running a business.