Delivering the Perfect Pitch—Elevator Speeches That Won’t Freeze You Up!

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You’ve got your website and your business cards, but without an elevator speech, how do you tell your world what you do and get them asking more questions?

These special speeches are called elevator pitches because they’re designed to deliver your story during the length of an elevator ride—usually 30 seconds to one minute. While that may sound impossible, planning and practice is all you need to get you going.

Who you are. Lead off with who you are and what you do:

          I’m Jane Doe and I create custom logos for startup businesses.

Know your goal. A specific statement sets the theme for your speech. Create one sentence that expands your need:

  • Are you looking for referrals?     I’m interested in meeting new business owners in need of developing and designing their business logo.
  • Are you gathering information?     I’m interested in interviewing business owners on the effectiveness of logos in brand development.
  • Are you raising awareness for a cause?     I’m collecting signatures to support free logo development for non-profit organizations.

The more your audience knows what you need, the more likely they can help or can refer you to someone in need of your services.

Call to action. Invite your listeners to visit your website or to connect with you on social media. Getting them to act is the next step to building awareness.

          Visit my website at Doe’s for more information.

Follow-up with a tagline, if you have one. If not, we’ll cover that in another blog!

Muscle Words. Your time is limited so every word must pack a punch. Weak words include would, could, hope, if, when and even please. Consider these sentences:

          Please call Doe’s Logos when you need branding design services.

          Call Doe’s Logos for your branding design needs.

Both deliver the same message, but the second is shorter, stronger and to the point. When giving your elevator speech, short and direct is memorable and powerful.

Filler Words. Most of us are guilty of using uh, um, you-know, like when we speak, especially when we’re nervous. Write down your speech. Notice you did not include these words in your script. Practice your speech in front of your mirror, your spouse, your children and your family. Practice until those words are gone. Remember: you have less than a minute to deliver a knock-out speech. Use muscle words instead of filler words!

Listen. Yes, it is nerve-wracking to stand in front of a crowd and explain what you do. As you grow your business, you’ll be giving—and listening—to hundreds of elevator speeches. What do you like? What do you dislike? What makes it memorable? Before long, you’ll pick up your own ideas to make yours stronger.

Elevator speeches are the starting point to business awareness. Make yours strong and invite your audience with every step of your journey.


Kris the Scribbler

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