Business Building Tips Weekly Round-Up: November 28, 2014


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10 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Startup

Let’s face it: most entrepreneurs are going to be financing their new startup or small business out of their own pockets. In this article for Fast Company, Rodrigo Santibanez discusses a few tips for making it work, even without major monetary backing from investors. Click the article title above to read the full piece and get all of the details.


What Running Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

This week’s New Venture Mentor covers a topic you wouldn’t expect from me: running. I only recently started running any halfway respectable distance and my learning process taught me some lessons that are incredibly applicable to entrepreneurs building a startup or small business. Click the article title above for all of the details.


4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Business Opportunity

Not every opportunity that comes your way is going to help you build your business and there are a few telltale signs that you should pass on something that comes your way. In this article for American Express OPEN, Mike Michalowicz shares 4 of those to help you avoid any Trojan horses as you build your startup or small business. Click the article title above to get all of the info.


How to Determine the Best Way to Fund Your Startup

As I mentioned above, not everyone’s going to get a big check from a venture capitalist or an angel investor, nor is everyone in the financial position to bootstrap. In this article for the Dallas Business Journal, Danielle Abril shares some tips from Kevin Vela on how to decide what the best funding option is for your business. Click the article title above to hear all of his tips.


10 Ways Small Business Owners Can Improve Their Financial Literacy

Whether you outsource your in-depth financial management or not, if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have a basic level of financial literacy and understanding of what’s going on in your business. In this piece for the Globe and Mail, Rob King shares 10 ways you can up your game when it comes to understanding your small business’ or startups finances. CLick the article title above to get all of the details.

2 Replies to “Business Building Tips Weekly Round-Up: November 28, 2014”

  1. Very worthwhile collection of articles that you have assembled here. Especially the two articles that bookend your collection, and get us thinking in lists of 10.

    In The Globe & Mail piece, “10 Ways Small Business Owners Can Improve Their Financial Literacy,” #10, “KNOW YOUR WORTH,” is so important to us. Like the article states, we also find many entrepreneurs are winging it when it comes to understanding the difference between value and price, and how to determine each. Some lead with price when they should be talking value to clients, and some talk value before there is real value there, i.e., they should be competing on price. We understand. It’s not easy to do. At RealClearAdviisors LLC we try to improve how we capture market information every day. We never have enough!

    In The Fast Company article, “Bootstrapping Your Startup, #6 “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LEARN” is almost scripture around here. An example, is when we wanted to be better manage our company email for office productivity purposes, we found a You Tube video of yours where you discussed G-mail at length. We started with your video and next “went to school” on it. Although we have reduced our own office reliance on G-mail today with office productivity tools such as Slack, helping clients with their e-mail management (along with their e-mail marketing) is now one of our most requested services. So, learning as much as we could about g-mail has turned out to be good business.

    Thank you for this week’s Roundup.


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