Guest Post: 6 Common Recruiting Mistakes That Can Cost Your Startup Big Bucks

It’s another guest post week here at New Venture Mentor and today we’re going to hear from Kelly Barcelos about the missteps entrepreneurs often make when recruiting their startups’ team members. Since you’re only as good as those you surround yourself with, listen up. Here’s Kelly: Continue Reading

The Most Important Thing an Entrepreneur Can Do In a Crisis

Today I want to talk to you very quickly about the need to stop and regroup in a crisis.

Since I’ve moved to Chicago, I have worked mostly with non-profits serving entrepreneurs as opposed to independently working with entrepreneurs and so I’ve seen a lot more cases of the need for major crisis management from both the non-profits themselves and the for-profit entrepreneurs they’re serving. Continue Reading

Giving Props Where Props Are Due: Praise for Credit Karma

Today is a super short video just to give props to an awesome tool: Credit Karma. FYI, for my non-US followers, this probably isn’t going to be a useful post for y’all, sorry.

So, before I dig in, I just want to be clear with this: I am not getting paid anything by Credit Karma and, while I will for sure tag them on social media once I post this, I didn’t even connect with them about writing this post in advance. I am literally just talking about them because they kick ass and there are two reasons why: Continue Reading