Sponsored Post: What to Check for When QAing Your Own Landing Pages

Many entrepreneurs don’t have the resources to hire someone else to QA their landing pages…we’re entrepreneurs, we’re doing everything ourselves when we’re getting started. That’s why today we have a post from Katrina over at Leadpath that will give you some tips for QAing those LPs yourself. Here’s Katrina: Continue Reading

Guest Post: How to Effectively Communicate With Your Potential Patients Online

It’s guest post week again and today is all about those medical professionals out there that want to attract new patients online. We’ll hear from the folks over at My Digital Dentistry about how to effectively communicate with your potential patients online, so that you can fill all of your appointment slots and have a great relationship with your patients. Here they are: Continue Reading

Sponsored Post: Use These Tips to Organize Your Home Office on a Budget

Keeping your home office organized is an important contribution to your productivity and peace of mind. It can be quite frustrating and time-consuming when you are always having to stop to search for what you need. Getting your office organized does not need to cost an arm and a leg.  A few simple tips can help you without depleting your bank account. Continue Reading

Guest Post: How to Manage the Effects of Divorce on an Employee

We all know how valuable great employees are to any business and, if you want to keep the best, that means being able to support them when something major in their personal life is affecting their abilities and focus at work. It’s guest post week here at New Venture Mentor and today we’ll hear from Elizabeth Taylor about supporting employees through divorce. Here’s Elizabeth: Continue Reading