And the Journey Begins!

So far in my life I’ve been lucky enough to visit dozens of places around the world – many numerous times – and I love to explore new countries and cities. That’s why I’ve decided to bite the bullet and leave my day job so that I can have the freedom (one of the greatest benefits of being an entrepreneur) to travel where and when I please.

While I’ve loved helping the small businesses of Washington, DC start and grow I can’t be tied down geographically anymore so I’m heading out. Because I think aspiring entrepreneurs might need to see a little taste of where their lives could take them, I’ll be sharing some of my travel adventures with you here.

First up this month: Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Greece and Turkey are new for me – so please share your suggestions for what to do and see in Istanbul, Izmir, Athens, and Olympia! I’ve been to Italy before, but I’m excited to explore it as a slightly older and wiser traveler!

I might not be online much while I’m off exploring, but I promise to post as soon as I’m back. Wish me luck!

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